Global Warming

1. The amount of carbon dioxide emissions increases.

Ex. Exhaust gas of cars and factories, burn fuels to make electricity

2. The amount of methane gas also increases.

Ex. Burp from cattle

3. These gases are called “greenhouse gases.” Greenhouse gases collect in a layer at the top of the atmosphere and act like and insulating blanket, keeping heat close to earth.

4. The earth’s temperature increases and as a result, many problems occur.

Ex. changing condition for farming



Causes and solutions

Global Warming Experiment

1. Prepare two plastic bottles that one is filled with air and one is filled with carbon dioxide. thermometers in the bottles.
2. Put the bottles under the same light.
3. Turn on the light and measure the temperature of each bottles’ inside every one minutes. Continue it for 15 minutes.
4. Compare the temperature of them.

Carbon cycle
Originally, carbon cycle has had a good balance. Carbon dioxide is exhausted by respiration of animals and plants and absorbed by water and used to do photosynthesis by plants. However, nowadays, people used fuels to make energy and burn numerous plants. These actions increase the emission of carbon dioxide. As a result, the imbalance of absorption and diffusion of carbon dioxide occurs that causes the global warming.

What can you do?
1. Using less electricity
Ex. Unplug, turn off the lights
2. Using less your own cars
Ex. Using public transportations, riding bicycles or walking
3. Setting air conditioner temperature high in summer and low in winter

These acts can reduce the emission of carbon dioxide.